About Kremling

Mr. Kremling has more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications industry. He held multiple leadership positions in Operators like the head of customer service of Mannesmann Mobilfunk, the CEO of tele.ring Austria and the CTO of Arcor in Germany. He was a member of the board for Vodafone Germany from 2004 to 2013 where he was responsible as CTO for Network and IT in Germany and later also for Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands). Mr. Kremling is a real veteran of mobile networks: from the early 90ies where he build out the first GSM network as a regional director in Dresden for East Germany from scratch to deploying 3G and 4G networks as a CTO across whole Germany. Today Mr. Kremling has the mission to accelerate and shape the development of the next mobile standard 5G as Vodafone Ambassador. He is facilitating strong collaboration between Operators, Universities, Network Equipment Providers, the Government and the Industry to define new mobile applications and drive standardization. Additionally he is Chairman of the management board of the "Vodafone Enterprise" Plenum in Germany which has the objective to create value for enterprises through digitalization of business processes. Mr. Kremling hold a degree in information technologies of the Technical University of Chemnitz.
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